You want to see home?

Hardly anyone will argue that the world around him and family conditions are so intolerable that it is better not to see them, and for this reason the household wishes to be completely darkened. A small note on the edge-many people darkening, on the contrary, appreciates, for example, at the time of bombing, because no one wants the humanitarian bomb to fall on his house. Under normal circumstances (that is, in a time of peace, when democracy and human rights and other noble values of an advanced and perfect Western Anglo-American civilization are not exported), every ordinary person appreciates the presence of natural daylight in his home. But how to secure it?
Normal cases and the latter
Although the diversity is classy, we have to conclude that the most common are the flats and houses of the single-storey, or the vertical walls. It is enough to provide a common solution for enough light. This is not the case in the attic where the walls or ceilings are slanted. There is a need to choose to secure the roof window light.