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Distinctive Features Between a Semi-Automatic and Automatic Labeling Applicator

By reading the names, you can tell that automatic label applicators are faster than semi-automatic label applicators. Notwithstanding the speed, you should thoroughly examine the two options before settling for one. The decision regarding a suitable label applicator should be made based on the suitability to the types of labels you use. Also, you should have in mind the speed of your production line when choosing the right applicator. An understanding of an automatic and semi-automatic label applicator will help you decide on the best one for your production process. Keep reading to learn some of the differences between a semi-automatic and automatic labeling machine.

Both an automatic and semi-automatic label applicator have an automated system to apply the label. What makes the two labeling machines different is how they are loaded and activated. For a semi-automatic labeling machine to apply the labels, the containers must be lined up. Since loading is done manually, it is an ideal option for small batches. In the case of an automatic labeling machine, you will not have to worry about hand-loading since it has a system that positions the containers for application of labels. The latest versions of automatic label machines have a system that can reposition the containers for multiple application of labels. Hence, you should outline your needs before you decide on the right label applicator for your business.

The decision regarding a suitable labeling applicator should also be influenced by the costs. Both the price and the operating costs should be affordable to your business. There is a huge price difference between an automatic and semi-automatic labeling system. A semi-automatic label applicator is less expensive, but you will have to budget for labor costs. Automatic label applicators are known to be costly, but there will be no labor costs as it can work without human intervention. Ensure that you examine your finances to identify the labeling machine that you can afford, and the operating costs are within your budget.

Package flexibility is another thing to look into when deciding on a labeling machine. A semi-automatic label applicator is designed to handle a specific type of container, whether it is oval, round, or rectangular. It takes less time to set up a highly specialized labeling machine. You will have a myriad of options regarding the products that you can label using an automatic label applicator. However, you will spend a considerable amount of time to configure the machine.

Speed is a crucial factor to consider when choosing a label applicator, and an automatic one is usually fast. Ensure that the speed of the label applicator supports the speed of your production line. From the above discussion, you can now make the right decision regarding semi-automatic and automatic labeling machines.

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