New technologies


Eurowindows are made of various types of wood, mainly from the following: Spruce, pine meranti and oak.

Each of this material has its own anti-and pro-specific properties. Depends on specific requirements whether from soft or hard toed and according to the artwork of wood. One thing is certain that each tree carries its own memory, where and under what conditions he grew up.


The entire color gamut is offered when you purchase a Euro window. It is a so-called glazing varnish.

So you can create different combinations according to the color of the interior or façade. The possibilities are all sorts and surely everyone chooses according to their taste. It is nice to be able to create a beautiful home where you will know that it is thanks to your imagination and creativity.

New technologies

The Eurokona uses new and modern technologies in its production. By combining traditional materials such as wood and modern technological processes, quality wooden euro windows are produced. Therefore they meet demanding technological standards and at the same time they are very aesthetic and practical. Therefore, you may not be worried about buying such windows.